Why "Barbarossa Pipes & Drums"?

Next to music and the instruments it's especially the Scott's proud and the country's beauty, which fascinates us.

When you look at the changefull history and their long fight for liberty and independence, you only can be impressed.

Since our band belongs to the adult education centre  Sangerhausen, we looked for a suitable name, wich is significant for our region.

Here in the "Goldene Aue", you can see the "Kyffhäuser" monument from everywhere. Who has visited this memorial, surely knows the huge stony figure of the imperator "Barbarossa" in the rock vaults.

Friedrich I., called "Barbarossa" (born in 1122, died 10th june 1190), from the noble family "Staufer", was a Roman-German king from 1152 to 1190 and the imperator of the Roman-German empire from 1155 to 1190.

During the german national movement in 19th century, "Friedrich Barbarossa" evolved to a national myth.

With the saga of the imperator, who sleeps in the "Kyffhäuser" and waits for better times, the hope for a national union grew.